After you have decided on the kind of service you want to avail of, aside from your budget, here are some of the things you need to look for when selecting the best wedding planners Gilbert:

Pricing structure

Weddings are different from another and if you just want your planner to take od particular duties, cover your wedding day, or if you would like to keep their assistance from the start to finish will definitely impact their wedding rate. The structure of pricing is usually among the following:

  • An hourly rate
  • A base fee plus additional charges based on needs and vendors
  • A flat fee

When the planner wants to charge a flat rate, let them define what the inclusions of the services are. Apart from that, know what the billing method is and whether there is a payment structure. It is important to be direct with your chosen wedding planner in terms of your allocated budget to guarantee that both parties will be satisfied.


When it comes to planning your dream wedding, communication is key. This results in thinking about the response time between when you text, email, or call the planner and when they can respond to you. Is your planner taking a long time to get back to their customers? Is this planner super busy? The planner should guarantee to update you with the wedding preparations while guaranteeing that you exactly know when to anticipate a response from them to at least mitigate the stress.


Make sure to view the weddings that your prospective wedding planner has previously helped. Doing this won’t only help you get inspiration for your big day, it also guarantees that their style will match with yours.

A professional wedding planner can work to guarantee that every part of your wedding will be perfect. However, every wedding planner has its own distinct and unique skill set that they can offer to their clients—it could be the food or the wedding’s visuals. No matter what it is, make sure that it complements your vision for your wedding day.

Trust and personality

You must search for a planner that you can immediately get along with. Also, you have to guarantee that you can trust the planner since there will surely be times when planning a wedding will get some hurdles and difficulties. Regardless of how they are skilled in their field, make sure that your personalities match and that you totally trust them.


Guarantee to have references for new weddings that your prospective wedding planner has given service to, It is important to contact those references for you to know their experiences while working with the wedding planner for their wedding day. When a particular wedding planner refuses to provide references, consider that as a red flag and refuse to work with them as much as possible. It’s important to know that you can build your trust with the wedding planner you choose to provide you peace of mind before, during, and after your wedding day.